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Welcome to lay.com – your go to site for all things sleep!  Enjoy resting? This is the website for you! Whether you are seeking out information on sleeping disorders, cycles, stages, patterns, studies,  or deprivation – you have come to the right place!  Being educated on how and why your sleep can be affected will give you better insight on how to improve your sleep.

Understanding sleep is the first key to becoming well rested. It isn’t the number of hours you spend in bed or sleeping, it’s the amount of quality sleep you are getting. If you are sleeping for 8-10 hours and still having a hard time waking up in the morning, chances are your lacking quality sleep.  By fully understanding the sleep cycle, you will be better able to comprehend your REM cycle and how to get the most out of your time asleep.

Getting the necessary hours of sleep each night is very important. Sometimes the demands of life get in the way and we sacrifice the thing that we need the most, sleep. Do you find yourself distracted, scrambling to meet a deadline, or just struggling to make it through the day?  Most people feel it necessary to sleep as little as possible to get the most out of their day, but really they are hurting nothing but their health and productivity.  There is a quick, easy, and free solution! Get more sleep!  Who can afford to sleep the day away? No one. So learn how to effectively manage your sleep and get the most out of what time you do have!